We're Family!

Welcome to the Simply Crafted family of Oregon.  

This is Us!  

Our story began twenty-eight years ago when we moved to the Northwest and started our
Oregon adventure.  At Simply Crafted we know a thing or two about busy lives.   After all, we've grown to a family of 12, representing three generations.   Along the way we have met many special people and explored many passions and creative outlets including pastoring, community outreach, construction, and house flipping.  Now, we hope you'll join us in our new family venture, Simply Crafted Studio!  We've created these workshops where friends and family can gather, use their imagination and creativity, and relax and recharge. Our hope is that the community that we love and embrace will gather together in our fun, you-make-it workshops.

Part of our vision is to give back to our community, and especially in a way that blesses other families. That’s why we donate a portion of the proceeds from each workshop to Sparrow Ministries. This non-profit is near and dear to our hearts. Its mission is to buy affordable homes and provide single moms in our communities with low-cost, stable housing. By joining us around the workshop tables at Simply Crafted, we can all help other families in our community!

Giving Back

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